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Searching for some holiday cheer? Want to do it in a safe way this year?

Munfordville may just be the perfect destination for a festive night on the town.

Here’s some reasons why:

1. The holiday displays around the Hart County Courthouse lawn are FREE to enjoy!  The lights are strung with love by community members & Munfordville Tourism.

2. The displays are walkable!  The courthouse lawn is filled each year with thousands of lights and while you can drive around the courthouse to view them, there’s nothing quite like walking among them on a winter’s night. We may not be Rockefeller Center, but we sure do think we bring the holiday – on a smaller scale. Don’t forget your to don your most festive mask and social distance for your walkabout.

3. Lights, camera, action!  All those lights make the perfect set for your next TikTok, Instagram Reel or Snap.  Good lighting is everything, right? Did you know several movies have been filmed in Munfordville and the surrounding communities?  Check out Runaway Romance on Apple / Prime – or wherever you stream movies.

4. You can pick-up some take-out and dine among the displays.  Grab a bench for a little alfresco action or stay in your car for a little extra warmth. To support our local restaurants, check out our dining page here.

5. And one final reason – chances are, you may have the entire place to yourself.  Since Munfordville is so very Main-Street-USA,  there are many nights where you might be the only ones in town.