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It’s a new year and our whole town has made a resolution!!  We’ve resolved to have a year-round-series-of-events for all who’d like to join in. Lots of small towns have great festivals at least once a year, but we are committing to packing at least one fun event into all TWELVE months of 2020!!

To get us started, all the good people of Munfordville were polled and the two things we love most here in the winter are quilts and laughing!  That’s right, who doesn’t love to want to have a hygge winter of coziness and fun?  We do.

SO, to celebrate the great loves of our town we are having the first ever “Munfordville Quilt Bee and Showcase” on  January 18th and the “Eric & Joe Heart to Hart Comedy Show” on February 8th.  Here’s some details about each of them.  

The Munfordville Quilt Bee & Showcase will be from noon to 4 pm on January 18th.  There will be quilts on display, you can vote for a fan favorite, but the BEST part is that if you’ve always wanted to give quilting and piecing a try – we will have HANDS-ON stations at the bee!  An old time quilting bee was when the quilts were put together and everyone quilted a little on each quilt until they were complete.  “Many hands make light work,” they’d say. And while you won’t leave the quilt bee with a quilt of your own, we hope the experience might be fun and leave you knowing if it’s something you’d enjoy learning more about!  The stations will involve hand stitching a nine patch, sewing a nine patch on a sewing machine and tacking/quilting quilts in frames. The nine patches made that day can be included in a special Quilt of Valor after the event, or yours to take home.  Sewers choice.  The entire event is free and located at 203 Main Street. So come on to town, let’s thread some needles together and sew up some fun!
The February event is a modern-day version of a mid-century variety show!  Our friends from the north (Elizabethtown) have been hosting the Eric & Joe before Thanksgiving Christmas Variety Show for years now and they’ve agreed to take their show on the road and do a little holiday switch up just for us southerners.  The show is sure to be a hit and is hosted by the Emmett Allen Foundation (find more about them here).  It’s going to be a night of great laughs, good tunes and of course lots of love – it’s the “Heart to Hart” tour! (insert heart eyes emoji here)  Click tickets to reserve your seat.