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Ever need a day where the goal is just to hang out and accomplish nothing? But you also aren’t interested in more of the same?

We get that in Munfordville.

We are far from Mayberry, but we are genuinely us and we do chill very well.

Here’s ten examples:

1. Eating some juicy cheeseburgers and shooting a game of pool
2. Sitting for a spell on the courthouse lawn. 
3. Meandering through town on the Old Munfordville Walking Tour
4. Hanging out among the beans and art at the Brew House

Photo by Munfordville Tourism

5. Shopping
6. Enjoy a relaxing massage at the Getaway on Main

7. Strolling through the Hart County Historical Museum

8. Grabbing some time at one of America’s best roadside attractions, Kentucky Stone Henge 
9. Jumping on the river in a canoe or kayak at Big Buffalo Crossing Canoe & Kayak
10. Talking to a local