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The best selfie sites in Munfordville, Kentucky.


We all know the feeling of being on the interstate too long, so jump off #exit65offi65 and have some quirky hometown fun! Even if you’ve never lived in a small town, we’ll adopt you right away and that #mytown feel will start settling in.

Here’s where to selfie:


The USA has some great stone henge replicas: like foam-henge, car-henge & even truck-henge.  But our Kentucky Stone Henge is carved from local stone by Chester Fryer. He actually loved the process so much, he didn’t stop with the henge. You’ll also get to see his other impressive creations, like twisted rock & the Garden of Gethsemane. The official website is here: http://kystonehenge.com


Kentucky Stonehenge

Photo from Brian Hansen

2. #munfordvillemurals

“I might want to surrender, do you care if I just come over to your camp & look around a little before I decide?”

That’s not exactly how things went down, but that’s the gist of how things wrapped up in the Battle for the Bridge at Munfordville. This mural commemorates all the players & this link takes you to even more information about that hard-fought battle: http://www.battleforthebridge.org/Munfordville.html

We also have two vintage Coca-Cola murals in town, because who doesn’t like Coke & our locals just never could let themselves paint over them. You’ll like our locals. 

Munfordville Mural

3. #greenriverky 

Ready to jet out of the car and straight into some nature? Our Green River will chill you right out. Just a short walk down the ramp at The Green River Park & Arboretum at Thelma Stovall Park and your selfie will look like you in the middle of the river! PS- this park is a hidden gem with frisbee golf and a sweet walking path too. 


Photo from Kentucky Tourism

4. #oldmunfordinn

Built around 1810, just 18 years after Kentucky became a Commonwealth, the Old Munford Inn was once one of the most famous Inns in what was known as “the west.” Andrew Jackson spent the night here on his way to be inaugurated as our 17th President. Guess it’s worth a stop for you too, right?  

5. #bigbuffalocrossing 

Ever thought about what the path of thousands of buffaloes would look like? Our town still has a road and ramp to the river that was built on one. We figured it was just easier to do what they did, right? Today we have Bo, our buffalo statue, that stands where buffaloes once crossed the river. Before the 1800’s buffaloes roamed freely throughout Kentucky, there were estimated to be between 30 to 75 million buffalo in our nation then. Bo can be found at the Green River Park & Arboretum at Thelma Stovall Park. And more info on buffalo can be found here: https://www.fws.gov/species/species_accounts/bio_buff.html


Photo from Jake McConnell

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